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Found you you bastards !!

ok - so I found where you've all been hiding !!

Hi to all that didn't get to Bathurst this year.

Cheers, Paul


  • Us? Hiding? :-??

  • Just think how long we've been waiting :))

  • Hey Paul, I'll be having a gtg soon. Hoping you can make it

  • Hi Nige - let me know where & when !

  • G'day Paul.

    How's the beach house going?

    Remind me, how far is it from Yandina.


  • Hi G, haven't been up there much lately - been overseas cleaning up the mess we talked about at Bathurst. Then off again next week to Vietnam, Thailand & Myanmar.

    Its closer to Yandina than Bathurst is !! You'll have to swing by there next year on the way down or back. It might be our only home by then !!

  • Looking forward to my 1st visit.

  • you set a date for the move yet?

  • Early-Mid Feb 2015 :-O

  • Are you going for a Sea Change Paul ?

  • Yep - in April we bought a house on the Central Coast, with a long term view to retiring there. But every time we go there, it gets harder to come back to Sydney. So we are looking at selling up and relocating some time next year. I can commute daily (& work from home a bit !!) so it is now a realistic option for us. It also has good potential for a dedicated music/movie room, so looking forward to doing some renovations - will definitely need some advice from you clowns when I get to that stage !!

  • I bags the boat house! :D

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