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New members to audiofrequency.com.au

Why don't we as individuals invite other people to join?

Do we not know anyone we think worthy?

We don't want anyone else to play in our sandpit?

We're concerned that other people may be an 'aunknown commodity' ie they seem OK at the start, but then become a loose canon?

Just thinkin' out loud...



  • Aren't you happy with the gene pool :D ,I asked a couple of older members but they haven't taken up the offer .


  • G'day Mal

    I'm very happy with our gene pool

    But, it is a small gene pool

    I think the concept of invited members has enormous merit, but I also think if we don't feed it, it won't grow, actually I think it may wither.

  • ...but I don't know anyone :-??

    ...I don't even know most of you lot!

  • You know me :)

  • Just send the invites!

    Love your tagging Graham :))

  • None of my friends would join a club that I'm a member of.... (hi Groucho)

  • I don't come here often because I'm often not here.

  • ...don't let that stop you!

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