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If one is ever travelling...

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...in South Australia...then I can recommend 'The Black Sheep' (which is a pizzeria and then some) in Burra and the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna.




  • Why, Seano ? What do they have/do that is exceptional and worthy of your nomination? Oh no, it's not Big Carol, is it ? She was last over in Kalgoorlie....

  • Nigel, I get the impression that the "why" revolves around Pizza. And beds. Why do I get that impression, I must be sidekick.

    I'm more interested in knowing where exactly in the middle of nowhere these places are.

  • Parachilna is a speck on the map beside the Sturt Highway between Hawker and Leigh Creek in the mid north of South Australia. The pub is a bit of a foodie mecca based on feral animals and local produce. The camel burger I had was lovely. The Boss was equally fond of her goat burger.

    Burra is an old mining town about 50 km east of Clare. Lovely old buildings etc. 'The Black Sheep' is modelled on an Italian 'Osteria' (google it) and is basically a kitchen in a shed where the kitchen is dominated by a wood fired pizza oven and the pizza choices are brilliant, well made, tasty and cheap. Wine list is small but impressive. The limoncello cheesecake was tops too.

    Went up that way to do the Flinder Ranges Outback Epic - a 109 km bicycle 'race' (there are also 209 and 64 km options) centred on Wilpena Pound and it went quite well; finished in 6.5 hours. We then spent a few days looking around the FR National Park and another couple of days around Arkaroola (which was a tad hard on the old VW). Nice part of the country...

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