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Buy, sell & trade Swap meet, Sun-16-November

The third in the series

Sunday 16th November

Outer eastern Melbourne.

Be there or be square

Buy, sell, trade, drink, eat, BS, buy, sell, trade.

Bring your money, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, blurays, cables, equipment, speakers for buy, sell, trade.

Time 'bout noon til later.

Your last chance to experience a truly horrible DIY home cinema before we move away from the southern rabble

More fun than a barrel o' monkees.

About as useful as a glovebox full of busted monkeys' bums. :D

Hopefully some of you guys can make it.

  • also posted on SNA


  • Try and make this one


  • Be good to see you if you can make it Mal

    Maybe you can bring some copper valve amps to trade!? :D

  • I do have a pair ,I dont need and looking at selling . I was going to give them to Gabiel to run his HE2's I bought him . But I might get him a HT amp so he can run his gaming through .

  • I'm square :(

  • Hi John

    Maybe you should host a similar thing at your place on the same day!?

    Just for fun :)

  • Skype between the 2 houses.
    "Hey how about I swap my Krell for that amp on the left, no the other left, no, left, left, back one, up yeah that one - oh, sorry doesn';t look like a toaster."

  • Nige, I think you should fly down for the swap meet weekend.

    Bring John & Terry with you.

    Just for fun!

    Plenty of room here for interstaters.

  • I'll come the winter one at your new place....and stay a year.

  • Potentially, we have 28 people coming to my last Melbourne Swap meet, GtG. :-b

    I hope everyone does make it, but I expect there'll be some teenage sex non-attendees (pull out at the last minute) [-X

    "leave it in" I say, "leave it in" :D

  • Hi Graham

    Looks like I'm not going to be able to make it . A bit of a set back with the back .


  • Can't you find someone strap you to a hand trolley and wheel you around by command?

  • Seano said:
    Can't you find someone strap you to a hand trolley and wheel you around by command?

    I could ask the wife ,but I also could end up being wheeled of a pier , long wheel on a short pier .

    Saw the doc ,new course of ani flam's & pain killers and booked in to see the surgeon :-| , having hay fever after back surgery doesn't help :(

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