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Saws eat meat too.

Finally, it has happened.

I type this with a finger on the right hand heavily bandaged due to doing something stupid with a table saw yesterday. No mean feat either (the typing that is).

Had a piece kickback whilst cutting tenons for some frames I'm making. Because tenons don't require a through cut, the saw blade was unprotected. And two fingers kissed the spinning blade. One suffered the merest of touches on the tip while the other was blessed with a decent pucker-up. The carbide blasted through the tip of the nail and about a quarter of the width of the finger just behind the tip. Not the neatest of cuts.

Two hours in Emergency saw just one stitch delivered (along with few bits of Steristrip) to try and maintain the tip shape plus a tetanus injection. Otherwise, not much. Didn't hit the bone and didn't loose much flesh. Rather lucky really.

The young bloke thought the experience most interesting...

Stay safe, kids.


  • You knew it was only a matter of time.

    You just didn't know when.

    Keep safe Seano.

  • Take 5 safety check list before starting work :-)

  • got any photos ?? I suspect you were a little lucky, Lefty ..

  • OWWW!!!!!


  • No photos since one smashed fingertip looks very unspectacular under a layer of stitch, scab and steristrip...but I can offer detailed instructions if you'd like to try a DIY reproduction!

    Just been out to the shed for the first time. Turns out I put the offending job down quite neatly on the workbench and it is not at all ruined. Another win!! Can finish it off tomorrow.

  • plenty of other fingers !1

  • Finished the job over the weekend. Most happy. Still trying to get sawdust out of the scab after yesterdays interminable sanding of shellac and calcimine from old Baltic Pine lining boards.

  • Well done Seano, that's what I call back on yer bike. I wouldn't have gone near it for a year. Pic?

  • I can manage a pic of the job given time...

    Stitch comes out tomorrow and the finger is healing nicely. It'll still need a bandage to protect it which is a bit of a hassle since I'm riding in the local 3hr Enduro MTB race on Sunday...which means I've got to use the same gloves as I've been wearing all week whilst riding the bike as they are the only ones with fat fingers!.

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