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Pink Batts - any good for acoustic absorption ?

Hi Pantysniffers,
I remember when I used to post on SNA, a discussion about dipole panels. I was arguing that the rear wave is unwanted, unplanned and destructive, others were claiming it added to the ambience or room effect or some other such rubbish. Anyway I just measured my ESLs which are 1m from a hard corner (gyprock) and the other with heavy curtain going around the corner. The Frequency plot of the first is a sawtooth, the other is smooth, flat.
Ok, now to this thread..... I need to deal with the rear wave of the first ESL, so I am thinking of putting a DIY panel behind it- a framed batt. Now the specialist acoustic batts are a little steep $$ but the common old ceiling batts are more reasonable. Has anyone ever tried them ? Any idea of their range of (in)effectiveness? Any better suggestments or alternatives??


  • What would happen if you rotate everything by 90 degress?

  • it would hurt a lot.

  • Isn't Terry's room successful with plain ol' pink batts?

  • Yes, but I think Nigel wants to completely suppress a first-order reflection, which is a different fish full of kettles...

  • Rigid fibre glass wool
    Check out lagging fitters or supply's you might be able to buy off cuts or single sheets


  • Thanks Mal, good advice but I don't know any lagging fitters. Bunnings seems to have some Earthwool that is not too dear.

  • Cheapskate :-q

    You spent years getting to this point & now you wanna save $100 on room treatment. [-X

    I don't get it. :-??

  • Errrm...ever priced Tontine polyester pillows or quilts (or similar)

    Polyester thermal batts are made of the same thing but they come in packs of twenty and don't come in a practical cotton cover...


  • Happypants,
    it has been a long time, and I just made a signif discovery about my ESLs. When I mentioned it to Rob Mac the designer, he doesn't think anyone has tried the same config as what I've done. With the benefit of hindsight, I regret not trying it 5 years ago. Oh well. As for being a cheapskate, don't you remember when you were up in Sydney and we went out for drinks and I forgot to bring my wallet ???

    Seano, thanks that's an alternative worth considering. and if I get tired I can sleep under it. Or are you supposed to smoke them ?? "pack of twenty" ??
    Tontine - a flavour to savour to the grave ! (I used to be in advertising...

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