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Bathurst 2014

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Thought it best to create a discrete thread for Bathurst 2014

There have been offers to pick up & drop off from Sydney airport. Very generous. :)

Here's a question...

What if, 4 travellers from Melbourne shared a hire car for the 4 day weekend and drove from Sydney airport to Bathurst and return?

I think it's a 3 hour drive from Sydney airport!?

Maybe it's not cost effective. I dunno. I aint done the sums.
I would normally spend $200 in fuel for the return trip if I drove.
Maybe I have to pack too light!?

If I fly, my preference would be to fly up Thursday night/Friday morning, and return to Melbourne Monday arvo/evening from Sydney.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of someone picking me up and dropping me off at the airport :D particularly if it's not too far out of the way for them.

We could also fit in some other extracurricular activities, maybe even audio related ;)

Any further thoughts?




  • Hah hah I see you know how to use the tagging feature :D

    Sounds like a good plan, don't see why it wouldn't work at least with a decent size car.

  • Unless I intend to wear the same clothes for all 4 days I have to pay +$50 each way for luggage.

    I might be driving yet.


  • Do you wear steel reinforced undies?

  • $50 excess for luggage other than 'carry on'

    I can't fit another 3 days clothes in carry on luggage

  • Cheaper to go to a Sydney Target and buy some clothes which stay in Bathurst until the next year. Would help the Jones's with their Friday night game of Whose Undies Are These... "ooh, that's a strong odour..... smells a bit... yes, definitely Victorian......"

  • There's a Rivers clearance outlet in Bathurst....

  • Or... you could just use a washing machine.

  • But it's OK either way! We don't mind if you drive.

  • I thought I might just make another post for the heck of it.

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    Role call, ladies & gentlemen

    116 days, 4 hours

    This is basically from the latest post on the 'Bathurst 2014' thread over on SNA


    Confirmed weekenders (12)

    *A9X, NSW

    *Ehtcom, Vic

    *Headbanger, NSW

    *john.reekie, NSW

    *Joz, Vic

    *Malcolm, Vic

    *mr-happy-pants +1, Vic (2)

    *Norpus +1, Vic (2)

    *Paul47, NSW

    *Paul Spencer, Vic


    Tentative weekenders (3)

    As far as I know these people are not http://audiofrequency.com.au members. "Marc" is the owner of SNA

    *Marc, Vic

    *Nick, Vic

    *Steve M, WA


    Day trippers (1)

    As far as I know these people are not http://audiofrequency.com.au members.

    *hochopper, Qld



    Victoria, 10 visitors

    NSW, 4 visitors

    Qld, 1 visitor

    WA, 1 visitor

  • Wow, long drive from WA.

  • 97 days

  • Terry and I have been talking about putting on a PSE-144 demo at Bathurst, either as part of the GTG or an extra mini event around the same time. I'm also thinking it's a good time to line up some NSW consulting jobs. Maybe a mini Bathurst audio show.

  • You've got 96 days to plan all that Paul.

    Let me know if I can help.

  • what's the dates for Bathurst this year BTW??

  • edited July 2014

    2nd weekend in October Todd

  • Can't wait to hear the PSEs!

  • Well guys I might not be able to get to Bathurst this year again . I can hear the cheers :-)

    I seeing the surgeon on Monday and I might be laid up again . The same disc has decided to bulge into the spinal cored this time .
    5 years ago the left side bulged into the nerves ,last year the right side prolapsed and fragmented into the nerves now the fucking back of the disc decides to fuck up .


  • Sounds a little unstable Mal, might be time to fuse those 2 verts.
    I can do it for you cheap.

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