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iPods for sale

edited May 2014 in Buy, Sell, Trade

I'm selling some iPods. For AF members will of course be at a nice discount over market (eBay) price. Let's say 30% off. All working. Let me know if interested and I'll test thoroughly, take pictures, do headstands, etc

iPod touch 4th gen 32gb, in original box, gecko case, include unused original earbuds, sync cable

iPod nano 4th gen, red, 8gb, no case or box, includes unused original earbuds, sync cable

iPod shuffle 4th gen, 2gb, forget color, no earbuds unless someone doesn't want them for one of the above.

Also: Apple Dock which works with the touch or nano, no inserts but not really needed, gives you line out, plus remote assuming I can find it.

Also car line out+charging cable! free with either the touch or the nano.

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