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Hi, I'm Graham

I like beer, & other forms of alcohol.

Why do I have sense of De Javu?

Maybe it's the alcohol!?


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    Hi Graham, history never repeats, the song goes!

    Hm, I wonder if anyone ever did a cover of that song?

    Thanks for joining. As you can tell, it's early days yet.

  • How do you have time to post ,get back to work . Morning Graham & John

  • Ya never heard of smoko?

    Morning Mal.

    Hows the back?

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    But you don't smoke ? Getting better ,back to work next week on restricted duties . I'm glad I had the Op ,2 weeks ago I had second thoughts but now I'm very pleased .

  • Good news Mal. Restricted duties...!? Huh! I thought you were on restricted duties when you were able bodied! :)

  • Atleast you thought I was an able body at some stage :)

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