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Graham's believe it or not!


  • What is it ?

  • DAC! PSU boards up top, then USB interface with piggyback DAC board (jlsounds AK4490), then display/control board. Output transformers to the right. Currently being fed by an ODroid (like Raspberrry Pi) streaming over network.

  • I'm suprised your building a dac ! Being an active type guy :D

  • Headphones!!

    Part of my ultimate headfi system :D

  • Is it finished?


  • Looks good John. Howzit sound ?

  • Seano said:
    Is it finished?


    Hah hah.

    But it works! :-O

  • Twodogs said:
    Looks good John. Howzit sound ?

    Good. But something weird with new headphone cable.

  • IF you are driving headphones directly then I suspect different impedance headphones will make a large difference. I am no spert, as you know, but my old dac has trannies for output and I now take the claims of chip manufacturer's to output sufficient current, with a grain. I ended up adding an active buffer and it improved.
    I could be wrong.

  • No no, there's an amp in the middle.

  • G'day John

    About bloody time...

    It actually looks like it is doing a good job as a prototyping-board.

    Any feedback I can provide to the 'Threadboard' designer/manufacturer?

  • Hi Graham, agreed, and I will try to email/call this coming week. The main issue was just related to hole spacing, I ended up using just two of the holes in each board (diagonally opposite). That worked out OK and I used the adapter/extender things but then had to mess about a lot with washers and trying different spacers to get the same end height for the board. So I suppose the main feedback from my little experiment would be is there a way to provide a simple solution to all that.

  • G'day John.

    I've passed those comments on...

  • I suppose if I had used two or even four extenders per board, that would have solved the washer problem. They take up more room because the hole where you screw them in has to be "outside" the outline of the board (otherwise you can't tighten them - maybe I'm doing it wrong?) And you'd need a lot of them (the extenders) but I geuss that's just a matter of being prepared. I'm not sure what they're even called to buy more.

  • G'day John

    I've passed on your initial feedback.

    It may be you didn't have all the little 'bit's an' bobs' to mount things.

    When they arrive, I'll forward them to you.

    Let us know if it resolves your problem...

    I'll also pass on your 2nd feedback.


  • Hi John

    I'm expecting a delivery of some mounting hardware.

    When it arrives, I'll forward it on...

  • I'll get right on it.

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