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When I'm not working...

...I'm still working.

Five days in after three weeks of 'playing happy families' and it's all going well but not to plan.

We've had Old Mate here with his Bobcat digging us a new driveway (we rang, he turned up!). But Global Warming and El Nino conspired to give us a south easter on that day and the house was nearly filled with dust. But OM did flatten the front paddock as well and all within budget...so far. 900 bucks worth of roadbase is coming on Wednesday...more dust. After that...new shed/carport

Then there's the existing shed...Monday's job is 21 sheets of 15mm foilboard and 8 sheets of 19mm chipboard flooring so we can insulate the roof and insulate and line the western wall.

And when that's done...the BBQ area.

Maybe I'll be happy when mid Feb rolls around....NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!


  • Phwaor, new driveway. Pics?

    I spent the day digging for a holy water pipe. (That is, a water pipe with a hole in it.) Must have been my lucky day because we found two. Fortunately, they aren't my pipes so I don't have to pay to fix them.

    (Er... the relevance of that is that our driveway doesn't have to be dug up to fix them.)

  • Lucky you...

    Driveway sorting happens tomorrow. Spent the last couple of very hot days in the shed sorting out insulation and there's a couple more to go...here's an early taster


  • First load... IMG_20160120_080550

  • Looks a bit dusty, did you get any of the recent rain that hit the coast over the previous 2 weeks ? Where exactly are you again ?

  • It was dusty...it's not so much now! We were lucky enough to score 40 mm rain last Thursday with half of that coming in a fairly impressive and unexpected storm. That's the biggest fall since last April. We are near Mildura in NW Victoria.

    Driveway has now settled down to a concrete like consistency and the old driveway has been closed.

    Shed insulation and lining has been sorted as well. Just have to finesse the contents now!

  • Looking good there Seano B-)

  • And we're still going...been processing 'a few' red gum sleepers for our missing front deck (planing them in the thicknesser then oiling). All the other materials have been sourced and assembly begins over the weekend. Hopefully, the 'rest' of the sleepers turn up soonish...not hopeful.

  • Here we go... IMG_20160131_182408

  • I reckon your place would be better suited for an annual "Bathurst". More likely to get more Adelaide and Melb attendees. Less Sydney stuck-ups perhaps....

  • You'd have to have that deck finished by then....

  • I'm hoping to finish in a couple of weeks. Terry has a much bigger job with greater skill requirements. As for a midway Bx location... Why not? Terry has been here!

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