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Remasters: sow's ear/silk purse?

So... listening to some oldies here, seems hard to find anything other than "remasters." Right now Genesis (by Genesis). I like the music, but in terms of sound quality it's still not that great. Is there any point to a "remaster" of a 30-year old recording? And what do they do anyway?


  • Sometimes there's a point. Mostly it's about maintaining copyright but occasionally it's also about the music (especially if the artist gives a rats). Most remasters simply wash some of the noise out of the recordings because that's easy to do as part of making a new master copy. Rarely they also take the opportunity to do a minor remix, correct pitch errors, re-level volume etc. etc.

    But that's a rare thing...

    There are some remix/remasters that are actually worse than the original recordings.

  • Seano said: Mostly it's about maintaining copyright

    Ah! That would never have occurred to me.

    I have a copy of the Genesis record, one day when I get my systems together a bit more I will have to actually do a back to back. ..... Or not.

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